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 “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophes.”

 “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

             — Albert Einstein

In the decades since the advent and proliferation of thousands of nuclear weapons the planetary crisis has greatly multiplied with the advent of biological weapons. A nuclear bomb can kill millions: Weapons Of Mega-Slaughter, or WOMS.  A biological attack can kill billions: Weapons Of Giga-Slaughter, or WOGS. And the technological threshold for producing biological weapons is far lower than for nuclear weapons. This War Brief provides and employs the essential new thinking and methods required.

On the Conventional Wars front:  A lead article in the December 2009 issue of Foreign Policy magazine declared: “There isn’t the slightest possibility that the course laid out by Barack Obama in his Dec.1 speech [at West Point] will halt or even slow the downward spiral toward defeat in Afghanistan.  None…Afghanistan is Viet Nam all over again…Pakistan’s reaction to Obama’s speech was to order its top military intelligence service, the ISI, to immediately begin rebuilding and strengthening covert ties to the Afghan Taliban in anticipation of their eventual return to power.”

All told, a major dimension of the flawed-thinking problem highlighted by Einstein, above, was summed up by British historian Michael Wood in his television series of civilizations studies called LEGACY (Maryland Public Television, 1992):


This Brief applies essential new thinking and weapons to at last fighting terrorism.  So far we have been fighting only terror — and therefore losing the War and incurring greater and greater threats.  And this Brief does so by compressing massive amounts of material into a mere  seven printed pages.


 WAR BRIEF ALPHA culminates work begun during World War II.  A critical episode in that is recounted in ‘Armistice Day 2 0 0 5’ at pacificus.org.  The trail has been cut over many years through rough terrain to the work PRINCIPIA IDEOLOGICA: A Treatise On Combatting Human Malignance (1999), written over six years by this writer as Guest Scholar at Princeton  University. Now on to the Brief.

 The purpose of this Brief is to enhance understanding of this War and to provide essential weapons for fighting it  — applications of a powerful new dimension. The Brief’s timing was triggered by the February 2010 announcements by U.S. government sources of greatly increased threats of Catastrophic Terrorist Attacks: In particular, major Cyber attacks for which we are wholly unprepared, and massive slaughter/destructive attacks for which Al Qaeda has been stepping up the pace.  And its new affiliate, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), is even more dangerous. To facilitate dissemination of this Brief it is provided on website MELOS at melos.us. If we persist in not even perceiving let alone fighting the Real War — despite bin Laden’s efforts to make it clear — and correctly so — as shown in Axiom 8 [E], below– we will continue to bleed and live in mortal danger.

We now face the inevitable more insidious threat…a new generation of homegrown extremists, the “next wave, American extremists.”  That is indeed most serious.  However, it provides a convenient frontline against which to apply the new defenses, in English, and from which the defenses’ messages will ripple out to powerful effect worldwide. The generic methods of which they are specific applications comprise the missing dimension in world affairs, the absence of which accounts for the reality of four World Wars (I, II, ‘Cold War,’ Global Islamic Jihad) and five Holocausts (Armenian, Ukrainian, European (Jewish and Other (six million dead each)), Rwandan, and Darfurian) in less than 100 years, and the failure of all attempts at achieving Peace.

The defense system to which you are being introduced provides the essential weapons  with which to fight both the global and domestic domains of the War. For, this War cannot be ‘won.’  This phase of it may be ‘won,’ but The War will continue as it has for 1400 years, and flare up again…and again…evermore dangerously with more advanced weapons.




1. TERRORISM. The enemy is not some generic syndrome “terrorism.” Terrorism is deeply ingrained in American sociopolitical culture. E.g., political assassinations, Oklahoma City, racist lynchings and burnings, armed anti-government groups seeking to kill officials, anti-abortion assassinations and bombings, environmentalist bombings and burnings, etc.

2. JIHAD. Our enemy is a specific movement that uses terrorism as its primary weapon. That movement, Islamic Jihad, was originated 1400 years ago by Muhammad. It is vital to our defense to get past myth, legend, and face historical reality, historical fact, about both Muhammad and his Islam, without fear, favor or concern for political correctness or social politeness.  Arab historical records show unequivocably that Muhammad was a violent, intolerant, ignorant, illiterate camel merchant, who together with his colleagues created a violent, hate-filled, savage call to Jihad against all infidels, the Qur‘an. Typical commands:

But the recompense of those who fight against God [the Muslim Allah] and his apostle [Muhammad], and study to act corruptly in the earth [oppose Islam], shall be, that they be slain, or crucified, or have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, and be banished from the land.

When ye encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads, until ye have made a great slaughter among them…

The true believers  say, Hath not a Surah been revealed commanding war against the infidels.

Inasmuch as Arab documents of his time show conclusively that the Qur’an was a wholly secular creation (detailed on PACIFICUS Page 7C, CREATING ISLAM),  it is accurate and essential for national security operations to realize and fear not to say  that the core result was a pious fraud for pious slaughter.   See Muslim apostates’ warnings at http://islam-watch.org

After returning to Mecca to slaughter those who had opposed him and driven him out to Medina, Muhammad and his Muslims slashed, slaughtered and burned their way north through Europe until stopped by Charles ‘The Hammer’ Martel (grandfather of Charlemagne) at the battle of Poitiers in 732, whence they were driven back to Grenada and thence back to north Africa and Islam’s Arabian base. With modern technology and weapons the Jihad is on the march again, has become global, the Global Islamic Jihad, and its war has become so pandemic, slaughterous and destructive with such catastrophic portents as to comprise World War IV.


A. The standard characterizations of ‘extremism’ and ‘extremists’ are false and dangerously misleading.  Correctly, they should be ‘fundamentalism’ and ‘orthodoxy,’ and ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘orthodoxist’ (a needed neologism).  According to the orthoxodists, the inert mass of pacific Muslims, especially those who cooperate with the West, are ‘infidels,’ to be slaughtered along with the rest of the infidels.  For Jihad is an Islamic obligation.

A major example is Indonesia.  The West extols that most populace, peaceful, democratic Muslim nation as an example of what Islam can be and why we must cozy up to it and other Mulim nations and encourage them to follow Indonesia’s example as the primary strategy to ending Jihad and attaining peace.   Unfortunately, there are gaping holes in that feel-good solution.  For by Islamic fundamentalist, orthodox standards: because of Indonesia’s democratic polity, refusal to participate in Jihad, which is a religious obligation, its combatting jihad, and its friendship and collaboration with infidel Western nations, Indonesia is not a Muslim nation, but is, rather, an Infidel Nation — and subject to terrorist attacks as are all infidels.

And so it has been.  Indonesia has suffered major jihadist attacks that have claimed the lives of Indonesian civilians as well as foreign tourists, and caused much economic damage.  In response it has launched severe, deadly and highly effect counter-terrorism campaigns by its Detachment 88 squad and a specialized part of the Indonesian National Police.  Major jihadist organizations and cells have been exterminated and all of the primary jihadist leaders have been killed or arrested.  Consequently jihadist terrorism in Indonesia has been become insignificant — for now.  Most likely to regroup and rise again.

While Indonesia’s democratic polity is attractive the pervasive Islamization of the educational system underlying that polity is not.  For it comprises 47,000 pesantren and madrasahs,  and a new network of more than 2,000 Integrated Islamic Schools, where programs of modern secular subjects are taught through an Islamic lens in a framework heavily influenced by the ideas of Hasan al-Banna, ideologue of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.  There is an ongoing split among the top echelons and base membership of the Brotherhood as to whether or not to participate in elections as a route to power.  Its slogan is:  “Islam is the solution.”

 The thoroughly Muslim foundations of this Muslim nation make it perpetually fertile soil for the return of  internal terrorism, which is the only kind it has fought or will fight.  Most inimically to world peace and security, this nation of 240 million souls perpetuates the ideology that provides the foundation of Global Islamic Jihad.

The predictable, inexorable consequences of such total Islamization of an education system have become manifest. The June 25th 2011 issue of The Economist provides an article “Religious extremism in Indonesia” that states, “religious extremism has become all too common in Indonesia” not only against the Christian and Shia minorities but also between Islamic groups and “thuggery by groups using Islamic orthodoxy as a pretext.”   It quotes Ms Sydney Jones, and expert on Indonesian jihadism with the International Crisis Group, a think tank, that “violent action is increasingly the work of small groups formed out of religious study sessions.”  Furthermore, “the government lags far behind in tackling the underlying causes, such as the spread of Islamic extremism in schools and in society generally.”

Such is the fundamental Islamic ethos. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, which professes to have purged bigotry from its educational system, students are still taught that it is wrong to say hello to non-Muslims.

A likely source for the return of terrorism to Indonesia is al-Shabaab (the youth), a ferocious, vicious Salafi-jihadist movement, originated in Somalia, but subsequently highly internationalized, with very effective recruitment methods among the more-than 12 million Somali-speaking ethnics worldwide, with the goal of a worldwide caliphate, and with close ties to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.  Beyond causing concerns about its present terrorist activities, al-Shabaab  serves as an example of the myriad Islamist forces arrayed in the Global Islamic Jihad comprising World War IV, and of why present understandings of and methods of fighting that War are so inadequate and futile.

A most vital lesson is that fighting World War IV must be forcefully carried out ideologically throughout the most fundamental level of society: the people and their groupings — as well as at the national and institutional levels. That is, throughout the Sixth Domain.  Secretary of Defense Gates defined Cyberwarfare as being carried out in the Fifth Domain: Cyberspace —  after Land, Sea, Air, and Space.  We define Ideological Warfare as being carried out in Ideospace, the Sixth Domain.

B. DEMOCRACY. The foregoing and the principles of this Brief are not countered or in need of tempering because of the growing force of ‘democracy’ in the Muslim world — of that concept becoming halal (permissible, lawful) among some segments of Muslim societies.  That is an entirely different tack, and neither nullifies nor deters Jihadism.  In fact, the threat of Jihadist terrorist attacks on Homeland U.S. is now the highest it has been since 9/11 — and growing. 

C.  TAHRIR.  However, halal democracy can be used to help Nullify Jihadism.  For instance, the epicenter of the Egyptian Revolution as Tahrir Square, where Tahrir means ‘liberation.’  That can be used against Islam, which means ‘submission.’  In fact, such a strategem is highly advisable in order to prevent the ideas of Hasan al-Banna from becoming manifest in Egypt as they have been in Indonesia.  In addition, it augments the central strategy of this Brief.

4.  AL QAEDA.  Destroying Al Qaeda structures in Wiziristan and killing most of its cadres including Usama bin Laden will temporarily disrupt the movement, but the movement has so metastasized into global networks of independent and affiliated organizations and cells, linked by Islamic Jihadism, telecommunications and modern travel facilities, as to carry on even more ferociously.

A prime example is the emergence in January 2009 of the Yemen-based al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) — which, according to testimony before the House Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence (March 2, 2011), “has eclipsed ‘core al-Qaeda’ as the primary terrorist threat to U.S. national security…as the most significant risk to the U.S. homeland.”  Its attempted 2009 Christmas Day attack over Detroit and October 2010 parcel bomb plot were averted by luck, not intelligence and countermeasures.

5. HOMELAND. The U.S. Homeland is hopelessly porous and indefensible.  As we continue to fail to perceive and fight the Real War, the times will come when Catastrophic Terrorist Attacks, especially Cyber and Nuclear, will bring down our socioeconomy.

6. COUNTERTERRORISM. We have only two primary modes of ‘counterterrorism’: Military and Interdiction (including financial). The Military Mode is a misconceived squandering of lives and treasure. The Interdiction Mode, albeit multidimensional, global, and high tech, is inherently, statistically, operationally futile.  In sum, ‘counterterrorism’ as presently misconceived and implemented is really only counterterror — and a Sure Loser. 

7. IDEOLOGICS. The sine qua non for victory in this War is provided by the system being introduced here, namely, Ideologic Defense (eye’ dee oh low’ jic), or ID.   By its nature, however, it cannot be implemented by governments, except possibly via covert operations under very deep and secure cover. This Real War must be waged primarily by NGOs and individuals wholly unconnected to government agencies. While governments continue to “improve relations with the Muslim world.”


[A]. The Paramount Total Objective of fighting World War IV must be to End burning, bombing and slaughter by sanctimonious savagery — to End Islamic Jihad.

[B]  The Primary Strategic Objective of fighting World War IV must be Prevention of Jihadist Catastrophic Attacks, especially Biological, Cyber and Nuclear.

[C]  Military and Interdiction Means are futile for achieving those Objectives.  For both Objectives the sine qua non is Jihad Nullification — for which JihadISM Nullification is essential.  That brings to bear Ideologic Anti-Terrorism (IAT).  With that we would at last be implementing the principle in Sun Tzu’s ancient classic, The Art of  War, which is taught at West Point, Sandhurst and Saint-Cyr:

To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.  To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.

Nullification and IAT have deep roots:  “In the beginning was the Word,” in John 1.1 in the New Testament, where in the original Greek ‘Word’ was ‘Logos,’ meaning Idea or the manifestation of Idea.  And Thomas Hobbes’ definition of War/Peace in Leviathan

For WARRE consisteth not in Battel only, or the act of fighting; but in a tract of time, wherein the Will to contend by Battel is sufficiently known; and there the notion of Time, is to be considered in the Nature of Warre, as it is in the Nature of Weather.  For as the nature of Foule weather, lyeth not in a Showre or two of rain; but in an inclination thereto of many days together:  So the nature of Warre consisteth not in actual fighting;  but in the known disposition thereto, during all the time there is no assurance to the contrary.  All other time is PEACE.

The ‘inclination’ and ‘disposition’ to war are crystallized and distributed in war’s ideological foundations, which rationalize, legitimate, motivate and unify the “Will to contend by Battel.”

[D]  Secularity:  The fact that Islam and the Qur’an are wholly secular creations with no divinity whatsoever frees defensive countermeasures to treat them as any ideology, including as ‘threats to the peace’ under the United Nations Charter. This is considered further in a Comment published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in response to the article ‘Towards A Third Intifada?’ in its online Arab Reform Bulletin of March 23rd 2010:

 April 11, 2010 – 10:59 PM Stephen Edward Seadler of melos.us says… [April 1, 2010 – 3:45 PM]   A fundamental component of the Israeli/Palestine Problem is Israel’s policy of ‘Eretz Yisroel’ — Land of Israel –‘ a Bronze-Age ideology which grants Israel divine right to all of ‘Palestine,’ as they define it. That is compounded in the United States by staunch support by the Evangelicals, whose ideology posits that Israel’s ownership of all of Palestine is a pre-requisite to the Second Coming of Christ. Hence, fundamental and essential to resolution of the Mideast Peace Problem is explicit statemenet by the international community that religious and other mystical principles are absolutely not admissible in international law and affairs, which must be wholly secular in substance and process. That will concommitantly also nullify Islamic religious claims. Cultural issues as well as established law and evidence, including history, remain. Such establishment of secularity in international law will radiate out to other conflicts in the world, and build new defenses of peace.

[E]  Real War:  Focus for all of the above must be maintained on the Real War, which Usama bin Laden (UBL) has correctly defined:  This is a matter of religion and creed; it is not what Bush and Blair maintain, that it is a war against terrorism.  There is no way to forget the hostility between us and the infidels.  It is ideological.  — From a tape of UBL’s speech of 3 November 2001, broadcast by Al Jazeera satellite channel based in Qatar.

9.  JIHADISM NULLIFICATION  is performed in two modes:  Juridical and Reductive.  Juridical Nullification employs legal proceedings, e.g., as a ‘threat to the peace’ under the UN Charter.  Reductive Nullification ‘reduces’ an ideology’s substance, content, in the normal dictionary meanings of the word.  In the case of  Islamism, Reductive Nullification employs  DESANCTIFICATION of Islam. 

10.  REDUCTIVE NULLIFICATION of Islam comprises two Parts: Historical Desanctification and Categorical Desanctification.

Historical Desanctification is extensively and deeply presented  on Page 7C, Creating Islam, of website PACIFICUS ( http://pacificus.org ) , using Classical and Modern Qur’anic Scholarship.  The Desanctification weapon is especially vital and urgent for treating the Homegrown Islamic Terrorist Problem.  Those who become Jihadists are drawn to Jihadism from a wide variety of circumstances and motivations, but all are inspired and connected by the Jihadist ideology, which they find primarily on the Internet.  Reductive Nullification of Islam destroys the foundation of their behaviors, and make suicide attacks absurd.   Qur’anic Scholarship shows, furthermore, that there has been mistranslation over the centuries among dialects: ‘martyrs’ in Paradise are provided not ‘maidens,’ but, rather, ‘white raisins,’ which were very highly prized in old Arabia.  The Desanctification and White-Raisins messages would also ripple out to the Global Jihadist Community, and have similar disarming impacts there.

Categorical Desanctification results from properly Categorizing Islam. For, Islam is not a Religion: it is an Ideology: A Total Ideology — comprising governance, legal, military, political, personal, and religious components, where the religious component is used to bathe all of the other components in the glow of sanctity.  Such Categorization alone suffices to Desanctify Islam.

Islam has thus be been doubly Reductively Nullified –Reducing it to a mere Secular Malignant Ideology, an elaborate criminal movement, whereby it is subject to Juridical Nullification by whatever legal means are available or will be developed.

Operational applications of Islamic Nullification are given in the other Page 7s on website PACIFICUS.   

SOVEREIGN CAVEAT:  The Military component of United States’ debt includes the trillions of dollars of debt incurred in paying for past, present and future wars and Balance of Power weaponeering, with present and future such including the Iraq/Afghanistan War, World War IV, and Counter-Empowering vis-à-vis China. Much of that is due to the unforeseen consequences and costs of The Greatest Strategic Blunder in U.S. History: the Invasion of Iraq.  The many deceits of the then American  Administration in promoting that War are detailed from both American and British government and defense sources in this writer’s hour an a half radio address ’Slaying The Hydra,’ available via HYDRA ( http://terror2.com ).  Much of those moneys are out of sight via Off-Budget  budgeting and accounting in the trillions of dollars, with no melioration in sight.  Among the open, On-Budget costs, the U.S. has spent some $1.3 trillion from September 2001 to May 2011 on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (Economist June 25, 2011 44).  All told, the Military Debt combined with Domestic and Foreign Affairs Debts portends severe decline of the United States in both domestic and world-power domains. 

All of the foregoing militate great urgency for adoption and deployment of the new field, Ideologic Defense (ID) in the Sixth Domain,  especially the application to combatting Global Islamic Jihad, as  presented in Scene  5, SLAYING THE HYDRA, on this site (melos.us).

IdeoWarfare in IdeoSpace, the Sixth Domain, is the most fundamental, overarching, powerful, humane and low-cost mode of warfare.  It offers the greatest national security at the lowest possible cost, and is thereby the answer to the U.S. national debt crisis.

The reader should next proceed to the PACIFICUS website (http://pacificus.org) and its comprehensive treatment of Jihadism Nullification on Pages 7A through 7E.

The reader will then properly understand World War IV, and be more fully armed to fight it.

For the larger perspective, visit SCENE 2, WORLD METAVIEW, on this site.






ADDENDUM I.   A parallel, highly dangerousl case is nuclear-armed and arming, rogue state North Korea.  Here the ideology is Marxism-Leninism, in particular, its Core IVL (Ideology of Violence and (Ethical) License), Dialectical Materialism, or Dimat, together with its Philosohical Materialism.  These, too, can readily be Reductively Nullified, and thence declared Invalid. A brief example of doing so is provided by Chapter 3, The Third World War, in PRINCIPIA IDEOLOGICA.  A catastrophe at the warehouse where its inventory was stored has made it out of print, but copies are available via various dealers and libraries, including the National Defense University, Columbia and Princeton libraries.  Appropiate portions of that Chapter can be copied and reworked into telling pamphlets and other media to be deluged upon North Korea declaring its Core Ideologies Invalid, and its behaviors without any legitimacy. 


Copyright (c) Stephen Edward Seadler, 2010


Stephen Edward Seadler EMAIL: ses146@columbia.edu WEBSITE: MELOS at melos.us MEMBERSHIPS: The American Physical Society, The New York Academy of Sciences, The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Union of Concerned Scientists, West Point Society of New Jersey, Naval Intelligence Professionals. MAGNUM OPUS: PRINCIPIA IDEOLOGICA: A Treatise on Combatting Human Malignance. See via Amazon.com and Author Search at http://wikireadia.org  Also Comments at http://melos.us 





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