The following are excerpts from the address SLAYING THE HYDRA: THE REAL WAR — AND HOW TO WIN IT which this writer gave over Radio Cheyenne International KGAB  AM ( ) on May 2nd 2006, 7:00AM–8:30AM MDT.  That hour and a half was the longest time span ever allocated by that station to a single guest speaker in its history.  The host was the exceptionally knowledgeable and gifted Dave Chaffin.  The address delineated with documentation the multitude of deceits that the Bush Administration perpetrated in getting us to invade Iraq and enter upon the Iraq War, the greatest strategic blunder in United States history. It went on to depict and document the atrocities being perpetrated by the Islamists and their fiercely sanctimonious ideological drive and legitimization.  And, finally, delineated the consequent Real War, and the consequent essential strategy to win it.  We pick up in that last stage of the Address.  The full text is available via at HYDRA  .


In January 2003 the Pentagon distributed to its key commanders a 150-page classified document called the National Millitary Strategic Plan for the War on Terrorism — spanning the next 20 to 30 years.  Can you imagine the weapons that Al Qaeda will have acquired during those years and the many times it will have breached the defenses of this indefensible porous nation to perpetrate horrific attacks with WMDs.  Our socio-economy, the foundations of our military, will have been devastated, the very fabric of our life destroyed.  Furthermore, this kind of transnational war against millions of Jihadists spread diffusely and hidden across the globe in networked and now largely independent sects and cells cannot be won by military means.

 The Economist of London reported in its June 22nd 2002 issue that according to Ulil Abshar Abdalia, head of the Islamic Liberals Network in Indonesia, “all the politicians of the country think that Islam is a monster — but if you go against it you risk your career.”  You have seen and read enough in the media and on this program this morning to realize that Islam is a monster out to destroy and conquer us and all others — in Dar al Harb — however long it takes.  Then clearly we have to slay that monster — for that is our enemy — and slaying it is the Real War.

[Earlier in the Address it was shown that Islamic Jihadist doctrine divides the World into two realms:  Dar Al Harb, the World of War, peopled by Infidels, and Dar Al Islam, the World of Islam, peopled by Muslims.  War shall be waged in Dar Al Harb until it has been conquered and converted into Dar Al Islam.]

A major cue about how to do that is provided by the legend of the Hydra in ancient Greek mythology.  The Hydra was a monster with nine — the count varies — tentacles — at the end of each of which there was a big menacing head — and a head on the center of the body that was alleged to be immortal.  One of the 17 ‘labors’ assigned to Hercules was to kill that monster — which he undertook to do with the help of Iolaus lEye’ oh Lay’ us].  But each time they cut off a tentacle’s head two more grew in its place.  They therefore fought to reach the center, body head — when they reached it they cut it off — and the monster died.  That is what we must do: find the center head of the Islamic Hydra — and cut it off.

 The center head of the Islamic Hydra is that which not only sets forth the policies of personal and group violence against the infidels — but claims divine sanction in so doing — that claims divinity, sanctity for itself and the whole religio-political-military-legal system and movement — that sanctifies Islamic Jihad and all the sanctimonious savageries that Jihadists perpetrate in its name.  That center head is:  the Koran.  Cutting it off means desacralizing it.  But that’s an awkward term.  So I have previously created and used the term ‘desanctify,’ ‘desanctification,’ whose meaning is immediately clear, and will stay with it.

 In taking that course we are applying the ancient principle first enunciated by Sun Tzu in his classic The Art of War, circa 380 BC — a book used in the United States Military Academy at West Point, at Sandhurst, the British Military Academy, and Saint Cyr, the French Military Academy.  Therein it is stated:  To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.  To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill…a victorious army wins its victories before seeking battle…

Similar principles have been developed and elaborated at length by the late French General of the Army Andre Beaufre.  He summed them up under the term Indirect Strategy…

[We skip now to the end of the Address]

So…time to get cracking.  In so doing never forget 9/11 — the smoke billowing and walls of flame raging from those towers — the thousands of innocent men, women and children being asphyxiated, crushed, and burned alive — and loving couples leaping hand in hand to escape the flames to their deaths on the pavements far below — and the ultimate sickening collapse of the towers — and never forget  the flames, death and destruction the Jihadists wrought at the Pentagon — and the passengers who fought the Jihadists in the fourth plane, United Flight 93, and drove it into the ground in Pennsylvania — with one of the passengers declaring on his cell phone “Let’s Roll! “

Right!  Let’s Roll!

Desanctification and Apostasy — not bullets and bombs — Desanctification and Apostasy — D&A IAT — will turn back the Jihadist tides — and slay the Islamic Hydra — at last — after 1400 years of planetary oppression, hate, death and destruction, defamation and desecration.  Let’s Roll!       [END]


The required Desanctification and Nullification of Islamic Jihad together with the requisite Anti-Islamic Jihad Operations are provided on Pages 7A, B, C, D and E of website PACIFICUS.

Those pages comprise a complete core course on how successfully to prosecute World War IV.



It is commonly said that the terrorists are extremists and constitute only a small fraction of the World’s Muslims.  That is a total and dangerous double fallacy. First, they are main-stream, orthodox Islamists, and come in various sects, such as Wahabism and especially Salafism, which is UBL’s (Usama Bin Laden’s) ideology — a particularly violent, fiercely anti-Western, puritanical  brand of orthodox Islam — and others in various parts of the planet.  Second, while it takes only a small band of terrorists to perpetrate  a major catastrophe, they arise out of a vast sea of globally networked local cells, sects and commanders around the World and their hundreds of websites calling for war against the Infidels and their societies — a turbulent sea in which we are drowning. For, we are fighting only terror, not terrorism. To get some sense of the Islamic reality and also of counter-movements, we return to the Address and its quotation from the Who Are We? section of the Islam Watch website at

We are a group of of Muslim apostates who have left Islam out of our own conviction when we discovered that the religion of Islam is not a religion at all.  The core of Islam, that is, the Qur’an, Hadis and Sharia are filled with unbound hatred for the unbelievers, unbelievably intolerant and exceptionally cruel and merciless to those who dare to deviate an iota from the doctrine.  We discovered that Islam is  beyond alteration, because Muslims who attempt to modernize and reform its unremitting bigotry, mindless rituals, and its barbaric and draconian punitive measures are targeted for annihilation.  Our verdict was the only way to escape from the tyranny of Islam is to leave it for good.  That is why we discarded Islam from our lives — to be free, to enjoy a normal, pleasant and humane life, in complete harmony with all people on earth irrespective of their religion, race or creed.

…As Islamic terrorism overwhelms the world, we also felt it incumbent upon us to let the civilized world recognize the reality about Islam and take timely precautionary measures against this religion of terror, hate and mayhem.  We want to tell the world that the current Islamic terrorism is not an aberration of the so-called ‘peaceful’ Islam, rather it is the real Islam preached and practiced by the alleged Prophet Mohammad.  This can be confirmed from a thorough study of the Qur’an and Hadis.  We therefore have launched this website to expose the real Islam — the Islam that is determined to replace the current civilization with the 7th century Arab Bedouin barbarism which is peddled as the Islamic Civilization. Let  the world watch Islam through and be warned.

…Islam needs to be emasculated, marginalized or eliminated altogether.


In terms of Ideologics and its Ideopower, Islam must be and has been De-Sanctified.  The truth should not be hidden because believers in falsehood will be upset or even outraged by the exposure.  It is far far better that Infidel Muslims (those whom Muslim fundamentalists so term and denounce because of their refusal to join the Jihad and their cooperation with Western democracies) have to adjust to the truth than that it be hidden and thereby Jihad allowed to prevail in its slaughter and destruction.  There are already Islamic apostasy websites and an emerging apostasy movement.   

In starker, symbolic terms:







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